Selmer church members join Winkler for court appearance

Mary Winkler, wearing a cross around her neck, walked into the courtroom Wednesday with her head down. The right side of the courtroom was filled with members of her husband's former church in McMinnville and the fourth street Church of Christ in Selmer where he was the minister for the past six months.

One church member states, "She went to church. She asked God to forgive her. We don't know what happened. We won't know until the facts come out. We won't pass judgement."

Many of these church members visit Mary Winkler behind bars.

Another church member continues, "Mary needs people. She's only got an hour a week. A lot of us come down to see her."

A grand jury in McNairy County indicted Mary Winkler for first degree murder in the shooting death of her preacher husband Matthew Winkler. Church members say they loved him and that he recruited more than 40 members for the church in Selmer.

Another member of Winkler's church continues, "They were the loveliest couple. You could see them with their children. They were so loving when we saw them in church. We have to support her. God will forgive her and we can too."

Church members say they never saw any problems between the couple. Everything appeared very happy.