Memphis resident upset over alleged dog abuse

Michelle Cooper bought a pit bull to keep her company while her husband is out of town.

She paid extra to have the dog's ears clipped.

A week and a half later, Big Boi's ears still look like this.

Cooper states, "Very depressing, especially to know that this is my dog and he's been going through pain. That I didn't know of until my dog trainer came in and told me something was seriously wrong with his ears."

That trainer is Candy Crawford.

Crawford says, "But it would be like they would grab his ear up like this and take a box blade and just slice it off."

A statement from the dog's veterinarian supports her claim.

Crawford and Cooper contacted every authority they could think of - including police.

Action News Five spoke with Memphis Animal Services. Administrator Phillip Snyder said he did see the dog - and this looks like a bad butchery job to him. He told us he definitely has serious concerns."

Cooper says she bought the dog from a man named Fred Logan.

We tried to track him down at the address he gave Cooper, but were told he does not live there.

Animal Services has questions for him, too - starting with: who did this to Big Boi?