Redbirds Close Out Matinees with Loss to Red Hawks

Day Baseball during the Week has not been kind to the Memphis Redbirds at AutoZone Park..

The 'Birds are 1-and-6 with the sun shining at the Zone this year..

Plus, they have to go into today's game against Oklahoma without Manager Danny Sheaffer, who's father is scheduled for open heart surgery.

Top first. Oklahoma gets something going early..Pitcher John Webb serves up the wood be gopher ball that goes all the way to the wall.. That goes down as a triple with the Red Hawks already leading 1-0.

But, Webb gets tough...coming up with the 1-out Strikeout...

Then getting the next batter to line one right into his glove to get out of the inning..

that didn't happen enough Final 5-1 Oklahoma.

The 'Birds and RedHawks continue their series Thursday night at the Zone.

Game time 7:10pm.