How Does Ear Stapling Help Someone Lose Weight?

Ear stapling helps you lose weight in two ways:
  1. The process releases endorphins into the body which reduced the type of stress that triggers overeating and bingeing.   Endorphines are the "feel good" chemicals that the brain releases when "triggered" to do so.
  2. When certain parts of the "stomach" area of the ear are stimulated, it helps suppress the appetite.

How is it done?

A small, sterile, stainless steel staple is attached in the appropriate area in one of the folds in the ear.

Is it painful?

There is usually an initial pinch and sting which quickly fades.  Typically, it's easier to deal with than getting your ears pierced.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Many people lose five or more pounds per week for several weeks or even months!

Are there any other benefits?

The following statements have been made about ear stapling:
  • Approximate 50% decrease in appetite
  • Stops constant thinking abnout food
  • No more guilt about food
  • Stops impulsive junk food shopping

I'm already on a diet!

Great!  The ear staple can give you the added benefit of curbing your appetite.
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As with any lifestyle change, please consult a licensed healthcare professional before starting this or any other program.

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