Victims react to three alarm blaze

Fire victims forced to relocate, salvaged precious pictures, a lamp or two, a grandfather clock, even some appliances.

Everything else was lost after 2 dozen units went up in flames around 7:30 Thursday morning.

Fire victim Sandra Kennedy says, "And everything was on fire you know and everything had been burned down."

Before it was over 9 residents were injured, 3 of them children.

3 firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion, another was hurt after falling through the second floor.

Fire victim Cassandra Smith says, "Been a lot of bruises and burns but everybody made it out okay."

Luckily there were no life threatening injuries on a casualty list that could have been longer.

Good samaritan Ron Jones reacted when he spotted the fire saying "I started kicking doors down, I got 3 or 4 little children out and 2 adults out."

Charley Williams says the damage done rivals what he saw while serving in Iraq

Williams says, "I can't feel nothing in three fingers," including his own injuries from an exploding bomb.

Williams continues, "And I feel sorry for the people that's the reason I volunteered my assistance to come over here and help a friend move her stuff out of the house."

Residents in nearby apartment say it was these fire walls made of brick that kept the fire from spreading into their apartments.

For those less fortunate... apartment managers found them other places to stay while investigators determine the cause of a three alarm blaze that took their homes.