Memphis police director discusses police chase

"Your adrenaline is pumping. You know, you're trying to apprehend a violent felon."

In a one-on-one interview, Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin told Action News Five how hard it is for officers to make the decision to chase.

Godwin says, "An officer is entrusted to make split second decision... Do I pursue... Do I back off this individual... What he's doing right now and is it more danger for me to back off and let this guy do this or is it better for me to stay with him right now... "

In Thursday's chase, police had spotted a car taken in a carjacking earlier this month. Memphis officers followed the suspect to the Mississippi line, broke off and then picked up the chase again when he turned around and headed back to Memphis.

And when he crossed a median on Winchester and drove directly into oncoming traffic, they followed.

"Internal Affairs has been contacted already by one of the chiefs. I already saw that," continues Godwin.

Godwin says investigators needs to review dispatch tapes and interview the officers and... if they did something wrong - he says - they will be disciplined.

But - he says - he understands the concern his officers had about the suspect getting away.

Godwin says, "Evidently, he wasn't afraid to run yesterday and didn't care who he endangered to try to escape. So we consider him armed and dangerous."

The question... Whether the officers did the right thing by following.