Plans reviewed for controversial FedExForum garage

The Tennessee Department of Transportation says it was promised a bus station at the New FedExForum, like the one near the Pyramid, but instead got something else.

A locked office, so TDOT wants 6 million dollars back.

So does County Commission John Willingham.

Willingham says, "The main thing is we don't allow this to happen again in the future."

Monday, Willingham will hold an emergency meeting about the missing bus station and he wants to see the plans for the FedExForum.

Plans that we looked at Friday.

They include a plan for an Intermodel Bus Transfer Station as TDOT wanted.

Part of the plan shows an area where busses are supposed to line up...

In reality, that area is a parking lot, mostly used by media.

The only part of the transfer station that appears to be in place is an office.

Willingham continues, "We're told these doors are rarely is ever unlocked. inside a stand designed to hold bus pamphlets with times is empty and then there are some empty chairs. That's all."

Willingham kept a watchful eye on the FedExForum and the bus station from the beginning.

He isn't saying "I told you so" but he's close.

"I do feel vindicated," continues Willingham.

He says he wants answers and maybe legal action.

Willingham asks, "You know the old saying in Watergate, 'What did you know and when did you know it?' And that's where we are now."

Those answers could be in these plans.