Tamera Ford speaks on recent arrest

"I've complied with everything that I should have complied with."

With one year left to serve on probation, Tamara Mitchell Ford would like to move out of Memphis.

Ford continues, "My sister's getting married June 30th we have a family reunion my father, his birthday is July the 2nd I want to go home>

The former wife of the former state senator has been serving a sentence for previous run in's with her now ex husband's mistress. Out of work and money she's hoping to take her four kids home and work for her father in South Carolina. But she says her probation officer won't tell her HOW to do that.

"I asked her I begged her I wrote her letters and my point is I went to court," continues Mitchell-Ford.

But Mitchell-Ford says the officer ignored a court order granting her a transfer.

Ford continues, "What kind of authority does a probation officer that maybe doesn't even have a college degree or a high school diploma be able to over ride a judges doctorate."

When Mitchell Ford failed to report to her probation officer on June 6th, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Ford says the officer falsely accused her of deliberately canceling her phone service.

"My phone was disconnected because we couldn't pay the bill," continues Ford.

Ford says she's being set up and didn't intentionally violate her probation.