Restaurant employee aids in police chase investigation

Chopper 5 was live over the scene Thursday as the tense high-speed chase came to a dramatic end.

Turns out, the chase might not have happened if not for an employee at a Lamar Avenue Burger King.

"Did the right thing, did a great job--she's going to be commended," says Mark Latterson.

Latterson is a district manager. One of his employees noticed a suspicious vehicle. That vehicle was the Honda police would later chase through the streets of south Memphis. They discovered it had been car-jacked after running tag information provided by the employee. Instead of burgers, she served up a suspect.

"If they see something suspicious or something going on--protects the customers and fellow employees who work here," says Latterson.

This time, it led police to suspect Tommy Johnson, who is now charged with a laundry list of serious crimes.

Police say what this employee did is a prime example of the public's importance in fighting crime.

Without her help, the suspect may have alluded capture.

Police say he was considered armed and dangerous. That's why the chase was not called off.

Latterson says he hates that a person was killed, but agrees with police.

"Could have saved somebody else," he says.

That's why his employee's next review will be a favorable one.

Tommy Johnson does have a criminal record, but not an extensive rap sheet.

The list of crimes for which he is now charged is extensive.

Among other things, Johnson is charged with Aggravated Robbery, three counts of Aggravated Assault, and Vehicular Homicide.

His passenger, Alicia Caldwell, was killed in the crash.