Neighborhood reacts after brutal attack

A Memphis mother and child are still in the hospital after police say someone beat them with a rock

It happened around 5:30 Sunday evening, just as Mrs. Fowler was returning to her Ruskin Road home with her 3 year old son Charles Jr.

Someone was apparently waiting inside and beat the mother and child with a rock.

The two made it outside to the front lawn where neighbors called 9-1-1.

Leigh Ann Clark saw the 3 year old as he was taken away by ambulance.

"It just looked like he got beat up really bad," Clark recalled.

Late this afternoon, Crittenden County deputies found the body of Paula Fowler's estranged husband, Charles Fowler, who was a West Memphis. Authorities believe it was suicide.

Police tell us Charles Fowler had not been named as a suspect in the crime against his wife and child.

Memphis Police say the Fowlers were estranged and that police had responded to previous domestic calls between the couple.

Paula Fowler told police she did not know her attacker, though she believed her husband may have been behind the assault.

"What we do know is that the victim believes this may have had something to do with some sort of argument she had with another individual," Memphis Police spokesman Vince Higgins said.

Back on Ruskin Road neighbors are anxious for police to find whoever is responsible.

"I think that they're sick and they need to be put in prison and hung cause that's just a sick thing to do and nobody should have to be put through that much less a little kid, I don't care what the situation was," Clark said.