New developments concerning the future of Libertyland

There were two new developments Monday concerning the future of Libertyland.
Monday the Mid-South Fair and the City of Memphis reached an agreement on the Zippin Pippin and the Grand Carousel.  The city owns both rides, but gave the Mid-South Fair permission to sell the roller coaster and keep the money.

Officials with the Mid-South Fair said the Fair paid for all replacement cars and parts for the ride through the years.  The city will continue to own the Grand Carousel, and will keep it at the Mid-South fair until officials can find a permanent location in Memphis.

Also Monday, members of the Save Libertyland organization filed an injunction to stop Wednesday's scheduled auction.

"We were hoping that we wouldn't need to file suit to protect the city's interests, we were hoping the city would do it itself, but for whatever reason the city has decided not to take any action," said Steve Mulroy of Save Libertyland.  "They are not taking an opinion that they own any assertion that they own the rides, so we will take the position ourselves in court."

If a judge does not uphold the injunction, Libertyland's roller coaster and other rides, with the exception of the Grand Carousel, will be auctioned off Wednesday.