Hall of Fame Trainer Steward Talks Taylor-Wright Rematch

Lot's of opinions have been thrown back and forth since the end of Saturday nights' MegaFight in Memphis.

Both World Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor, and Number One Contender Winky Wright, took and gave a beating in a bout that ended in a 12-round draw.

Immediately after the fight, Wright said he wants no part of a rematch..but his Lawyer said "Money Talks."

Taylors' Trainer, Hall of Famer Emmanuel Steward said he's ready to have Arkansas' favorite son move on to other contenders...

But, he also offered another perspective on why these two should fight again.

"These two fighters are the Best the Middleweight division has to offer. This could turn into a series of fights to see who's the best, unless a Floyd Mayweather, or someone like that, moves up."

Both Taylor and Wright made more than $3-Million Bucks apiece for this fight...

A rematch would command much more.