DWash Still in Draft - Still Eligible to Return to Memphis

Sunday was the final day for NBA hopefuls to take their names out of the Leagues' upcoming Draft...

University of Memphis Guard Darius Washington is still firmly in it.

But, despite common perception...he could still pull out.

NBA rules state players can retain their college eligibility, even past the pullout deadline, if they Don't sign with an agent, are NOT chosen in the draft, and can PROVE they paid for all their pre-draft expenses.

That means DWash can stay in the game all the way up through draft night, and still come back to school.

Washington's Father, Darius, Sr. says he's paid ALL his sons' expenses...

DWash, himself, says he hasn't signed with an agent.

By all accounts, he had a very good run at the NBA's Pre-Draft Camp in his hometown of Orlando.

Now, we'll just have to wait and see.

The NBA Draft is next Wednesday, June 28th.