Family members react to Amber Alert

The kidnapping took place at Cao's home where she was babysitting three of her sister's children.

Family members just went home after spending all afternoon and evening here looking for hope.

Her family gave Action News Five a better understanding of Cao's relationship with her kidnapper.

Cao's sister says Ho always had a crush on her sister, but her sister did not return the feelings.

She said in recent weeks, Ho had begun harassing Cao and now this.

Family members say this is a difficult time.

Something they would never be prepared to endure.

Cao has a very tight-knit family.

Many family members have been coming and going at the house here to show support for Cao's mother and siblings.

Cao's sister says she just wants her sister back safely.

She states, "As long as you bring my sister safe, I really don't care what happened. This is first time ever happened in our generation. Nothing like this has ever happened. We really love her. We want her to be back."

At this point, family members are consoling the children Cao was babysitting when the suspect took her away at gunpoint.

For now the family continues to worry as they await any kind of news of Cao's whereabouts.