Hooks Jr. makes initial appearance in Federal Court

Former Memphis City School board member Michael Hooks Jr. made his initial appearance Wednesday in Federal Court.

The latest to be charged in the Tennessee Waltz case, Hooks appeared with three other indicted men, in court on unrelated cases.  They wore blue jail jumpsuits, while Hooks was dressed in a gray suit, with his hands cuffed and his head down.

"I'm sure he's disappointed that he's faced with this ordeal," said his attorney, Randy Pierce.
Noticeably missing during this initial appearance were his parents, including father Michael Hooks Sr., a Shelby County Commissioner also indicted in Operation Tennessee Waltz.

"I didn't discuss that with him," Pierce said. "I'm sure that's a family decision that they made on their own."

Hooks Jr. faces charges of bribery, conspiracy, falsifying documents, and lying to the FBI.  The indictment charges him with helping embezzle more than $60,000 from the Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk's Office.

The indictment says Hooks Jr. worked with Darrell Catron and Tim Willis.  Willis ended up as a government informant on Tennessee Waltz.

"The government has it's own way of doing things and I'm sure they have their reasons and we'll figure all that out as we get into it," Pierce said.

Hooks' court appearance lasted about twenty minutes.  He was released without bond on his recognizance.  He will be formally arraigned next Wednesday here Federal Court.