Crime Tracker: New CD provides valuable child information

Want to get a parent's attention?

It takes two words: Child Safety.

Mother of three Christine Daly says, "Outside a local store coming out, uh, they had a table set up with some items on it that drew my attention. They had DARE, the DARE program, and I know that through my daughter's school."

Christine Daly says in addition to DARE materials, they were providing information about something called the E-Emergency CD.

It's made by an Illinois company called National Emergency Medical ID.

Daly continues, "It would be a photograph, the size of my daughters, the uh, the color of the eyes, hair, just a general description."

Plus medical information: allergies, blood type...all put on a mini cd small enough to fold into a wallet or purse.

"If I ever needed information about my daughters, I could, you know, use the CD on the computer or give it to somebody to alert, you know, somebody that I was having a problem. That I needed help finding my daughters, or that there was a medical emergency," continues Daly.

The cost?

44 dollars for all three of Christine's girls.

Daly says, "Is it something that I could just do myself? That I have this information and I could just keep it, you know, on paperwork, or on CD on my own computer."

The company says yes -- but much of the information they gather is formatted to interface with other computers...

The medical files were designed specifically for that type of retrieval, and mini CD's can be folded into a wallet or a purse.

In an emergency, the child's picture or other information could be uploaded to theme park screens or other alert systems immediately.