Neighborhood residents concerned about door to door salesmen

Residents in one Memphis neighborhood are concerned about a group of door to door salesmen who claim they are selling security.

As she pulled up weeds from her garden, Linda Husted said she was watching who might be pulling up to her home.  She said the door to door salesmen pushing a home security system in her neighborhood have left her feeling anything but secure.

"I didn't know whether he was a security person," she said. "He didn't give me any ID. He said he didn't have any brochures that I could look at."

Husted said the men wanted to come inside to inspect her current security system, keypad, doors, and windows, but when Husted told the men she wasn't interested, they kept coming back.

"He wasn't going to take no for an answer," she said.

Husted's neighbor, Dorris Martin, said she also got a hard sell from the same salesmen at night.

"Door to door salesmen that come at dark or after hours always give me the creeps," she said.

A Target 5 investigation found the men worked for APX Alarms out of Utah.  Shelby County records show the company got a license to sell door to door two weeks ago.
Reporter Aaron Diamant confirmed a newspaper article from Carson City, Nevada, which reported the company lost its license to operate there earlier this month after the local sheriff said salespeople got too pushy.

We caught up with the APX sales people here in Memphis shortly after Husted told us they showed up at her home for the THIRD time in 24 hours.

"We actually don't go back if they're not interested in talking to us," said salesperson Rod Nelson.

Aaron Diamant: "We've spoken to people in this neighborhood who say that you've been back two and three times, you just went back to one of them a minute ago."

Nelson: "We've only been here for like today actually, yesterday and today, so yeah, we talk to them a few times if they're interested in talking."

Diamant: "So you have been back more than one time?"

Nelson: "What's that?"

Diamant: "You just said you didn't go back. So you have been back?

Nelson:  "We went back to one of the neighbors, yeah."

Some residents in the neighbors didn't know who the salesmen worked for until we told them.

Diamant: "If you don't have any business cards brochures, how do they know you're legit?

Nelson:  "I tell them to look on the website."

Diamant: "Some of these people are old folks they may not be able to do that the want a business card or a brochure."

Nelson:  "That's not what we do.  Our job isn't to pass out business cards."

Those in the neighborhood said their job appears to be sell, by any means necessary.

Late Thursday afternoon, an APX executive in Utah told Action News 5 by phone, "In sales, persistence is a good quality, but being overly aggressive is not condoned buy us. If there are individuals that are crossing the line we will remedy those situations very quickly."