Memphian pleased with Supreme Court ruling

Sheila White and her attorney are celebrating a tremendous victory.

White says, "I'm very proud of the decision that came down."

Thursday the Supreme Court ruled that White was improperly punished while working at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yard in Memphis.

Don Donati, White's attorney, says, "After complaining about sexual harassment she was transferred from her job as a forklift operator to work on the railroad line."

When White complained about retaliation, she was suspended for more than a month.

White continues, "It was hard it destroyed me mentally fiscally I had two in college and one at home I was a single mom and to my understanding I was fired."

A union helped White get her job back but the case was far from over.

Supreme Court justices unanimously agreed that White should receive compensatory damages for emotional distress.

Thursday the railroad responded by saying only quote "we are disappointed with the court's decision. "

White and her attorney believe the decision

will allow workers everywhere to complain about discrimination without the fear of retaliation.