Grandmother charged with faking votes was elusive to authorities

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - A 69-year-old grandmother denied trying to evade arrest on charges of tampering with votes in the special election of Ophelia Ford.

Former Shelby County poll worker Verline Mayo was indicted Tuesday, along with 52-year-old Mary McClatcher and 64-year-old Gertrude Otteridge.

The indictments accuse the poll workers of falsifying election records and assisting each other in casting ballots cast in the names of dead people, but on Wednesday morning when he announced the indictments, District Attorney General Bill Gibbons said Mayo was the only one who could not be found.

Mayo turned herself in shortly after the indictments were announced, but said she wasn't evading arrest. Mayo has her own complaints about the Shelby County Sheriff Department's attempts to arrest her, even breaking into her daughter's home to find her.

Democrat Ophelia Ford was named winner over Republican Terry Roland by 13 votes in the special election in September for Senate District 29 in Memphis, but the Senate overturned those results amid allegations of election wrongdoing.

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