Federal agents raid a Memphis flea market

U.S. Marshals and Customs agents raided a Memphis Flea Market this afternoon. Chopper 5 was over the scene as agents placed people under a tent and put them in handcuffs.

Agents rushed the flea market flea market on the corner of Third and Raines around noon.

The South West Flea Market is shut down to customers this evening and a lock has been placed on the gate at the front entrance, because Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents carried out a raid today.

Throughout the day, sheriff's deputies were on scene supporting the effort, turning people away as they tried to enter.

At one point this afternoon, Action News 5 staff saw several people being taken away in the back of patrol cars.

One man who said he came to the flea market to shop for shoes for his sons told Action News 5 what he saw.

He said that right around noon everybody began to run around him, so he ran too. At that point, he said some agents asked him for his immigration papers.

"They say it's on immigration," said the witness. "Whose papers clear and not clear. That's why, you know, my papers is clear."

Many vendors have already left and others are breaking down. Customers have been streaming in, trying to go inside, but that won't happen right now.

ICE officials will only say that they have detained people and they are conducting background checks.