City Council hopes cash can get killers off of streets

Police are still looking for leads in the death of a Memphis child caught in a crossfire and the City Council is hoping cash will help.

Eleven-year-old Martez Henderson died Thursday in a shooting at the Ridgecrest Apartments. His four-year-old relative was also hit, but is expected to be okay.

Henderson's murder is just one of several the City Council hopes money will help solve.

With the number of murders on the rise in Memphis, City Council members are hoping a cash reward can get killers off the streets.

"I certainly think that many of your crimes are people that are repeating crimes around here," said Councilman E.C. Jones. "It may not be 20 individuals. It could be 2 of the same individuals committing 20 crimes."

Jones voted for a resolution earlier this week that sets aside $100,000 for tipsters. Anyone who provides information that leads to a murder conviction could get $5,000.

"I don't think the money is going to be the answer to deterring crime, but maybe it will help us get some information," said Jones.

"It may be a great soundbite for someone to go out and say, 'Here's a $100,000 for a reward,' and to me that's just saying the system has failed," said Carol Chumney, Memphis City Council member.

Chumney doesn't think it will work and said the program is redundant - that Crimes Stoppers does the same thing. She also said that city leaders are overlooking real solutions proposed by law enforcement officials and instead are touting easy answers.