Church mourns murdered child

The killer of an 11-year-old boy remains on the loose, and police don't have any leads.

Martez Henderson died Thursday night after stray bullets hit him at the Ridgecrest apartment complex. His 4-year-old cousin was also hurt, but will survive.

At Martez's church Sunday morning, worshippers prayed for strength following his tragic death. He was gunned down two days after his 11th birthday.

Relatives said had Martez not been killed, he probably would have been sitting with his cousins at this church service.

Today, family members also prayed for Martez's killer.

"God wants us to love them that hate us; that commit crimes against us," said Vanessa Christian, Martez's aunt. "He wants us to exemplify love - our hearts are open for those young men that committed that crime. We want them to know that Jesus loves them and that He will forgive you of every sin that you commit. He will forgive you."

Relatives said they hope Martez's death will cause others to turn away from violence.

Funeral arrangements for Martez Henderson are set for next Saturday, July 1, at the Cross Temple Church of God in Christ. The service begins at 1 o'clock.