Two murders in the same day affect one Mid-South woman

As the murder count continues to climb, one Memphis woman says two murders that happened the same day hit too close to home.

A memorial now rests in the place where a stray bullet hit 11-year-old Martez Henderson in the heart. His neighbor, Myosha Aldridge cannot bear the sight.

At the same moment Martez lost his life, Aldridge was talking with investigators after hearing that her boyfriend had been shot in his car near Summer and Holmes. After talking with police, Aldridge says she came home to her Ridgecrest Apartments complex to find more police there investigating the little boy's murder too.

Now, Aldridge fears for her safety, and the safety of her newborn.

"Last thing I need is for her to get hit by a stray bullet that goes through my window 'cause the accident happened right here and I live right here," she said. "I lost a dear friend and it's eating me up inside each day that I look at his clothes."

Aldridge believes the area needs more police patrols. She hears gunshots day and night and fears there's no safe ground where she sleeps. As Aldridge makes preparations to move, she says she wants her child to be able to go outside and play instead of hide inside from the violence.

Police are still looking for suspects in both cases. Call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH if you have any information.