Wildlife officials search after two bear sightings in West Tenn.

UNION CITY, Tenn. (AP) - Wildlife officials are investigating the possibility that two black bears have migrated into West Tennessee from Arkansas.

One adult bear wearing a collar was sighted in Obion County near the Obion River by wildlife officers last week.

A second bear, smaller and not wearing a collar, was spotted yesterday by officials northwest of Martin.

Wildlife biologist Alan Peterson said it's not sure that these are two different bears, but it's a good possibility.

He said it's possible that it could be a female with a yearling cub. Although the eastern section of Tennessee has black bears living in the wild, the western region does not.

A bear could have migrated from the White River area of central Arkansas, where officials are releasing them with radio transmitters attached to collars.

Peterson said Arkansas wildlife officials have confirmed that four bears from that area have gone missing.

He said none of the sightings indicated that the bear was aggressive and it has stayed in mostly unpopulated areas.

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