Judge upholds `promoting manufacture' in methamphetamine law

JASPER, Tenn. (AP) - A judge has disagreed with a challenge to
Tennessee's methamphetamine law. But he said at a hearing in Jasper
that attorneys for dozens of people charged with promoting
manufacture of the illegal drug can make their complaints about the
law July 20th.

The law restricts quantity purchases of cold and allergy tablets
that contain a key ingredient in making meth, pseudoephedrine, as
well as other common products such as coffee filters or matches if
they are knowingly purchased to make the drug.
Circuit Judge Thomas Graham said that provision of the law is
not vague and does not violate the due process right of innocent
consumers. He said there is a violation of the law if someone
buying those products "knew, or should have known" it is going to
end up in meth use.
After a two-hour hearing, he invited attorneys to return July
Marion County public defender Phil Condra told Graham during the
hearing that the vagueness of the March 2005 law puts innocent
consumers in jeopardy because it allows law officers too much
discretion in making arrests.
Condra says it asks officers to be "clairvoyant."
The judge disagreed.
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