Teen dies after Monday shooting

Late Monday afternoon bullets flew across the busy intersection of Mimosa and Tillman, striking 13-year-old Melissa Robinson.  Robinson died Tuesday morning at The MED.
Tamika Freeman says she used to babysit the teen.

Freeman says, "She was laying over there, you know, breathing real hard.  You know, like she was suffering."

Memphis Police say it all began with an argument between one group of people inside a car and another on the street.
Freeman continues, "Was into it.  Was fighting with someone and they stuck their hand out the car to shoot and she was the one who got hit."

The bullet made its way into the park and hit the teen...an innocent bystander... in the head.

What the shooter didn't know is some undercover police officers were right there waiting to pick up a murder suspect in another case.
They chased the car and say the female suspect threw a gun out the window before they caught up with her.
While some say the area needs more patrols, police say they're using all their resources.

Major Bill Walsh with the Memphis Police Department says, "Right now, we're doing everything we can do to stop the violence."

Freeman says the park is what draws crime.

Freeman continues, "The gambling, the drug smoking, all that needs to stop 'cause I feel like if it happened today, it'll happen again."

Freeman says she doesn't want the park to close...she just wants it cleaned up.