Read what others are saying about how the attack changed their lives

The September 11th incident has changed my life by making me more empathetic to terrorist activities around the world.  I have often observed tragic bombings in other countries and felt sorry for the individuals that were victims.  Now I'm more perceptive of the fact that we as Americans are not exempt from terrorist attacks.  I am more cautious of my environment at home and work. However, I will not give in to the terrorist tactics of fear by altering my holiday plans to travel or visit with friends.  I will continue to only fear God.

September 11 is a date I can't forget, even if I try.   To me it means probably the beginning of the end for all of us and I think we need to get realistic about the fact that the latest events may truly signify that our world will be ending soon.   I believe we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled and that the King is Coming Soon.   I am a Christian, so I am not afraid to die, but I am affected by the uncertainty that our whole nation is experiencing right now.   At times I feel very scared and powerless. I don't believe this is going to be a "cut and dry" war and I believe it will be very difficult to defeat Isama Bin Laden and his cohorts, because they are not all in one centralized location.  I think our ONLY hope as a nation is to turn back to the one true God and humble ourselves and pray for our nation and ourselves, that God will have mercy on us and save our land.

I now think of everything in the short term - it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  My family and I are trying to live as usual - get on with the American way of life - but it's difficult to make a plan for anything more than a few weeks away. As most Americans, we have our flags displayed, we wait anxiously for the news - all running to the TV anytime we hear anything "unusual" - and we participate in anything patriotic. We seem to have a yearning for anything that connects us to the pain of September 11th and for anything that "feels" supportive of the victims and of America. Strangely, there is an oppressive pall and feeling of weakness mixed with an immense feeling of solidarity and resoluteness - giving a sense of unsurpassed strength and unwaivering pride.  So, it's a bad feeling and a good feeling all at the same time - very strange, indeed.

How could September 11th not effect me?  I was in my classroom that morning when someone came to my door and told me what was happening in New York.  I told that I didn't find this a joke.  I watched her face as she told me it was No joke and to turn on my classroom television.  I had one of my students turn it on and find a news station.  We were just in time to watch the second plane slam into the second tower of the World Trade Center. I was stunned.  Next, we watched as they showed the devastation at the Pentagon.  I could believe it was real.  It was as if we were in a nightmare and would soon awaken.  That nightmare only got worse day after day.  For the next few days I watched reruns of the plane crashes and listened to families tell of their loved ones calling them on cell phones seconds before they died.  I still cannot think of or tell the story without crying. I never thought I would live to see things such as this on US soil!  I knew in heart that the next step would be WAR.  I was right.  My heart aches for the loss of innocence and life here and in the countries we will destroy for protecting this villain.  God help all of us as we do what we must to protect our families and our country! I pray that these memories will subside in my mind someday.  I am now finally able to sleep at night without waking in a cold sweat.  The good thing that has come from this tragedy is that our nation has come together in a way that would have never happened any other way.  All of us are Americans now!  We are not blacks, whites, asians, latinos, etc.  we are all Americans now!

I have been a nicer person to my Republican co-workers and we have not fought about petty political things in a month. I have not said anything negative about President Bush because he is doing a good job so far.

Technically, my life hasn't changed a bit. Actually, though, everything has changed. Although I didn't know a soul in New York or Washington, it's as though they were all my family. I've always been patriotic, but now, it's different. It's urgent and special. The unity is amazing and makes me proud to be an American. My life is going on as normal. I'm shopping, working, living, etc. Yet, my thoughts are always centered on those who aren't able to do those things anymore and it's making the mundane things I do "important" just because I can. Americans are family and tragedy should always bring a family closer. Thank God that instead of tearing our country apart as was intended.

Since I have three children who are flight attendants and a granddaughter who was working in the Pentagon it has been a stressful time for me.  In order to show myself I was not scared to fly I flew NWA to Minneapolis in late September one morning, had lunch, watched planes load, browsed the shops and came back on afternoon flight.  Plan to fly again soon.

well,after all that happen to america ,'GOD' is still in control..and america should'nt, have taken "GOD' and prayer out of the picture.."GOD" has been blessing,america..and we need to be thankful...for all his blessing.

Since September 11th I have become consumed with the news, newspaper and any Presidential speech.  I fought Breast Cancer last year and this is more of a constant worry to me than my cancer.  I guess because I could fight the cancer with medical treatment.  This I have no real control over.  I am more suspicious of others, even parked cars that look like they don't belong.  I feel the world will end and for that I am ready, but sad.  I worry where they will attack us next and living so close to the Pine Bluff Arsenal  I have a legitimate reason for that worry. My life will never be the same because of Sept 11th and I feel no one else's will either. I ache for my nieces and nephews and the world they will grow up in - I have just changed - bottom line. Although the attack was brutal and many innocent people died, I have to look for good in anything and the good I find in this is the fact that it has taken the attention off black and white and it has made us all realize how fast our lives can change and be taken from us. I have always tried to live my life one day at a time, but this gives me a whole new reason to practice that saying.

I resent the government telling us to go back to our "normal" lives.  We may find some semblance of normalcy again, but our lives will never be the same as they were before September 11 and we may as well get used to it. We're going to have to surrender a few of our civil liberties in order to be safe the way they have in advanced countries with terrorism problems like Britain and France, whether we like it or not. We need to hunt down and punish the terrorists responsible for 20 years of attacks against us.  But we're not going to be able to fight a small war and then find closure by just welcoming the troops home. We are the only superpower in the world now and we have to accept that responsibility.  We have to take a more balanced approach in Israel, which means recognizing the concerns of the Palestinians and pushing for a homeland for them, whether we like it or not. We have to help the poor countries of the world where people have no hope for a better future, and not just pay lip service to a belief in equal opportunity for all, whether we like it or not.  We have to urge these poor countries to educate the majority of their population--women, whether we like it or not.  We need to take a larger role in the happenings of the Middle East, like putting pressure on the corrupt monarchies we support there to straighten up their acts, whether we like it or not. We Americans should wake up and realize the world is not quite as we thought it was and that we are going to have to change, whether we like it or not. And while we're at it, why don't we accelerate the research and development of alternative fuel sources, and not just look to drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for a quick solution, so that we wouldn't need these medieval jokers in the Middle East so much?

I am a first grade school teacher.  I have changed my attitude about my job, and now see my responsibility to be of even greater importance.  Before the attack, we said the Pledge of Allegiance as part of a morning ritual.  Now we say it from our hearts.  Before the attack I looked at my students as children that I would teach for nine months out of the year, and then turn over to the second grade teachers.  I feel now that I have a responsibility not only to teach them to the best of their abilities, but to teach them in order to somehow preserve the future.  Now my job is so much more overwhelming, thinking of how their lives will be when they are my age.  I want to prepare them.  I want to protect them.  I know this is not possible, but I want to do what I can to see that they get all they can from their public education.  I hope I can do them justice by teaching them to read, write, add, subtract, and appreciate.

Yes, I can say that the 9-11-01 attack has affected my life along with many Americans.  It is time for people to get serious about the Bible.  Read it and learn that  prophecy is being fulfilled.  People get ready because Jesus is coming.  We all should put our trust in him because he is the only way to PEACE in this circumstance.  Thank you for letting me say what is on my heart.

I am 42, a working wife to a Memphis Firefighter.  I need to tell someone, someone I don't know,  just how intensely I have been effected.  If this is never read then atleast I have vented.  I am concerned. greatly about possibilities of local attacks.  I hope my city is awake & ready because our Firefighters, Policeman & Rescue Workers are most at risk. Atleast I know that my husband knows he is in God's hands if anything happens. He is my hero, not because he will risk his life for me but because he will risk his life for you & for those he does not know.  He tries not to alarm me with the real possibilities he faces & he does not talk about them.  But he knows I am watching, I am aware & he knows how concerned I am. Before the attacks, I had never felt any event was ever close enough to effect me, here, in Memphis, TN.   Since the attacks, I feel much differently.  Now I can't end my day w/o a couple of hours watching the coverage so I'll be sure to be as informed as much as the public can be informed.  I count on things going on that I don't know about b/c what I do hear is not near enough. I am pleased w/ the way America has responded to the attacks but very unnerved that our intelligence did not have the forethought to atleast prevent entry to our borders. let alone what they did once they got here. I have written a full page of feelings & deleted them 3 times.  Its just too much to bear.  Know this, I am deeply concerned. I watch the coverage alot & I feel very powerless. I hope my city is ready.  I hope. I hope.

The primary changes in my life since Sept 11th are more concern than usual for my friends still in the Military. My best friend sent me an e-mail telling me he was heading "somewhere" and I hope he is ok. this is his third go round. Panama, Saudi and now Afganistan (i'm suspecting). but it is in Gods hands and i know i'll see him again no mater where that is. Like most in the military, Aside from Basic Training and Tech school, my Air Force Tenure was like a normal job. I got up in the morning (or Evening depending on my duty shift) put on my uniform and went to work. At the end of the day my friends and i would go to the NCO club for dinner and drinks, go bowling, shoot pool, etc. I pretty much do the same now with the exception of spending time with my daughter. I do think about things a little more, but i do not worry or get scared for any reason about things which are beyond my control. and guys let me tell you that whatever could happen to us here or our countrymen elsewhere is well beyond what any of us can control. I accept that, have taken the steps necessary to ensure my daughters future should anything happen to me and live my life today the same as before sept 11. If I were to do it any other way would mean i give up to the terrorists and i simply won't do that. I hope none of us do.

I would feel a lot safer here in the mid-south if your news casts weren't telling about the weaknesses in our security, targets by name ie: FedEx, bridges, river ports.  Let's just tell the secreted terrorists just exactly where we are vulnerable and where, how and when to strike  ie: ball games, etc.  One statement was " Take out the bridge and you stop all transportation to the mid south".  Get a clue.  Stop naming the targets and showing them on television.  Just say something like "All transportation sites and other business are taking security to high level all around the mid south".  Don't stoop to the tabloid journalism that is rampant everywhere in every media.

I have seen the chastisement of Israel in the Old Testament come to life in the United States. Everything that I study in the Bible in the time of the judges relates directly to what has happened to us in our country. God chastises nations for violating His laws and commandments and our country has been doing that for a long time now. Evil is evil and the attacks on our way of life has shown us that the real evil in this world is coming from the terrorists organizations. I travel a lot and will be doing more traveling in the near future. Since September 11th I have been more observant of conditions around me and have learned to appreciate my fellow Americans of all races and ethnic background. The real possibility of more terrorist attacks on any one of us is the main reason why I now realize that we are all in this together and any one of us can be affected or a victim. It doesn't matter who you are. I was close to God betore the attack and I am now even more close to Him as I know that my future is wholly dependent on His blessings on our nation. Repentance of the sins that we take for granted is needed by us all to keep the blessings of God on our nation. The change is in how I look at our society and how I love the freedom of it. My trust is in God's hand on our nation.