Mother expresses anger after teenage daughter is murdered

Tuesday, Carol Robinson was as shocked and angry as any mother could be.

"I want justice," she said. "She ain't but 13. She ain't lived half her life yet. I want justice."

Robinson spoke of justice for her youngest child, Melissa, gunned down Monday afternoon.

"She just as sweet as she can be," Robinson said. "When that baby talks and smiles you can't do nothing but love her."
Robinson was at work when she got the call Monday about a fight between girls in the park.  Melissa, an 8th grader at East High School, had been shot in the head.
Police said Tuesday that the shooting was gang related.  Robinson said she has no sympathy for the girl investigators say pulled the trigger.

"She came to kill anybody," Robinson said. "She didn't care, so whatever she gets she deserves. I mean that from the bottom of my heart."
According to Robinson, anger has replaced her tears, but her love was evident as she remembered Melissa, a girl who loved to dance, swim and go to the movies.

Robinson said she plans to be at every court date for the person who allegedly killed her daughter, to make sure justice is served.