Rising teen crime concerns many Memphians

Kids were back outside playing again Tuesday afternoon in the neighborhood where 13-year old Melissa Robinson was shot.  While many were struggling to get back to normal, many others expressed outrage at the way violence seems to have taken over.

"Look what's going on, I mean we get killing every day," said resident Narvey Steward.  "Somebody could take me out just right now, or tomorrow.  You just never know."

That fear is fueling outrage that is aimed in many directions.  From Binghampton to Whitehaven, Memphians asked each other Tuesday why parents aren't doing more to keep their kids from committing violent acts.  Others blamed a lack of action in the community.

"I think it's sad," said resident Charlie Barbee. "I think everybody should come together and work towards a common goal to solve our crime problem.

Others blamed gang influence for the violence problem, an influence that some said is stronger than parental influence.

"Bloods, Gangster Disciples, The Traveling Krypts, all of it, you know," said Memphian Wallace Doss. "I mean, it's just a bunch of 'em, even the young ladies and stuff.  Now they got their thing going."

Some are in favor of harsher sentences for young offenders.  Others said more pressure needs to be put on the police and others in power to do more to stop the violence.

Many residents agreed that more job opportunities and more activities for young people would help decrease Memphis' teen violence problem.