Grizzlies Hope Trade Materializes In Draft

If all goes right, the Grizzlies main man, Jerry West, will pull off a draft day trade. Just getting the 24th pick in this years draft isn't enough.  "We know we have holes. We will trade if we have to. Could it potentially hurt us? Yes," West said Monday after the teams final pre-draft workout Tuesday.

Ideally West would like to trade UP for a higher draft pick. West says the only current player he will not consider trading is Pau Gasol. 4 other un-named Grizzlies are garnering attention from other teams. But at what price?  West says he's already turned down several offers because he felt they wouldn't help the team in the long run. He even passed on one this morning.

"It was for a very good point guard in the NBA."

With Damon Stoudamire's recovery uncertain, they need a point guard and a of course, that long coveted presence down low.

"There are a lot of different ways to reach your target. In our case, we're going to have to give something up."

Here's to rolling the dice on draft day. Dave Cera Action News 5.