Protestors gather prior to Alley execution

People protesting the execution started gathering near the prison around 9 o'clock.  They know their protest won't change anything. But they want to make a statement.

Protestor Randy Tatel says, " We know it won't make any difference but we want the state and the people to know that there are people who are opposed to execution on moral and ethnical grounds."

While the protest goes on Sedley Alley sits  on death watch in a special cell several feet from the death chamber.  His daughter and son are with him and his spiritual advisor.  Alley is scheduled to die  for the rape and murder more than 20 years  of Suzanne Collins, a Lance Corporal who was based in Millington.

Collins parents will not witness the execution.

Dorinda Carter with the Tennessee Department of Correction says, "They are not here they have elected not to come."

Last month Alley was just 8 hours from death when the Governor issued a temporary reprieve...because Alley wanted a court to do DNA testing.  No court would agree to that.  He is scheduled to die by lethal injection.  He is scheduled to be hooked up to intravenous lines at 12:45...just after one a.m, Alley is scheduled to receive three different drugs.

Carter continues, "The first is to put him to sleep, the second is to stop his breathing and the third is to stop his heart."

Prison officials say the whole process including any last words should take from 30 to 45 minutes.