Memphis police investigate latest murder cases

Chopper 5 was over the 1500 block of Boxwood minutes after shots rang out Tuesday evening.

"At first, I thought it was firecrackers,' says Jamie Jones.  "And then said no, that's too consistent to be firecrackers," she adds.

Jamie Jones says she was walking home from work at the time.  She took a closer look at a young man lying in the street.  Turns out, it was her cousin.

"My relative was like, that's Jermaine Jamie, that's Jermaine Jamie," she recalls.  "So we all was crying cause we all related," she adds.

Memphis Police say 17 year-old Jermaine Young and a 21 year-old were both shot near the intersection of Boxwood and Sanders.  The 17 year-old was critically injured.  He later died at The Med.  His friend was shot in the leg and sought help at a nearby fire station.  People in this neighborhood are now seeking relief.

"Babies getting killed, people drive-by shooting, that's an everyday thing now," says Bessie Mosby.

Mosby is a mother of 10.  She says violence has gotten worse every one of the last 30 years she's lived here.

"And it's horrible what goes on everyday," says Mosby.

She's not surprised that another teenager was taken down by gunfire.

"Happened down the street not too long ago--think he was 17 or 18, you know," says Mosby.

Mosby hopes this latest crime scene is the last she sees.

Memphis Police say they had a line on a suspect and were hoping to track him down late Tuesday.  This murder came just minutes before another in Memphis.  That killing was reported on South Wellington.