Crime Tracker: Police have new K-9 to help fight crime

Criminals need arm protectors if crime fighters like Ajax are on their case.

Officer Paul Keating with the Memphis Police K-9 unit says, "...When he bites bad guys, it's not because he's mad or vicious. It's because I told him to."
Ajax put on a show at Poplar Plaza to celebrate a crime fighting treat for Memphis.   Kroger and Milk-Bone teamed up to purchase a new police dog just as Memphis confronts a summer crime wave.

Major Vernell Stepter with the Memphis Police Department says, "....Currently we have 19 dogs on board. Now we have one extra dog, the donated dog from Milk-Bone, which gives us 20."

The new dog is named Iris. She'll undergo 14 weeks on continuous training where she'll learn 33 commands. Just like Ajax, she'll learn to attack... as well as stand down on command.

After a test period on the streets, Iris will return to training for another ten weeks to learn the scent of drugs or bombs:

Keating continues, "...He's worth between 35 and 40 thousand dollars because of the amount of training he's had and how good he is at it." 
Criminals can forget the arm protection. If Ajax or his new partner Iris want it, they'll get it!