Memphis City council discusses new curfew

Talk of a new curfew by The Memphis City Council is exactly what some parents wanted to hear.

"I think it's one of the best things that the city of Memphis could do for the welfare of the children," says parent Alena Johnson.

Others believe the real solution starts at home, not at City Hall.

"It's not just the city council going to be able to solve it," says parent Leith Robinson.

Robinson is the father of two.  He says he has his own rule when it comes to a curfew.

"If the lights on the street are on, then you should be at home," says Robinson.

His daughter Jasmin knows many other parents are a lot more lenient.

"I know some people whose parents are like that," she says.

"If the parents don't take the first initiative to take care of their children, then it's not going to happen," says Robinson.

Some wonder how a stricter curfew can help curb crime in the first place.  Many of the recent shootings where children or teens have been hurt or killed have occurred well before 9:00pm.

"They say they going one place, the wind up someplace else--they need to be in the house," says parent Sandra Jones.

Some say forcing the issue, by making sure children are at home at a decent hour, can't hurt.

"A lot of parents make their kids come home by 10 anyway," says parent Alicia Le.  "So, that would make it easier for parents to get their kids home," she adds.

That's something that will hopefully get them out of harm's way.

Enforcing a new curfew is another issue all together.  Some parents, as well as some city leaders, don't believe the police department has the manpower to enforce current curfew laws.