Family members accused in teen's murder appear in court

Three family members appeared together in a Memphis courtroom Thursday, all accused of being involved in a deadly shooting.

Antoinette Horton is charged with firing the fatal shot, but other family members say police got it wrong, that Horton was trying to help, and her mother should be the one facing murder charges.

Horton was arraigned for first degree murder, accused of shooting 13-year-old Melissa Robinson to death.  Standing right beside Horton was her mother, Sernitra Sheppard.
Police say Sheppard took part in the melee that left the teenager dead.  Sheppard's own sister, Gail Hardin, believes she had a bigger part.

"I just hope and pray that the ballistics come back with the mom's hand prints," she said.

Hardin said us she saw the fight in Howze Park that led to the shooting, and said her niece did not fire the gun.

"Antoinette works and tries to have something for her children," Hardin said. "She don't like to get into a lot of mess, when it comes to confusion like that, and her main goal was to go over there and take her momma, to pick her sister up, because they were jumping on her sister."
Instead of helping her daughters, Hardin said Sheppard made matters worse, escalating the fight that turned deadly.

"You could have avoided this by just going to do what you had to do, pick your child up and leave from over there," she said. "You didn't have to go back in that park looking for nobody that done jumped on your baby."
But Sheppard did go back, according to police armed with a baseball bad.  For now, she will join her daughter behind bars.