Two Olive Branch police officers shot in the line of duty

Many in Olive Branch are still reeling that not one, but two of the city's finest were shot in the line of duty.

"People that are trying to protect us are getting hurt protecting us," says Michael Wallis.

Wallis manages a Porter Paints store.  That's where the two officers spotted a suspicious car around 4:30 Thursday morning.  The store has been robbed twice in the last three weeks.  Officers Mark Ayers and Doug Stanek were shot after they pulled over, and then approached the car.

"The driver opened fire on the officers and the officers returned fire," says Major Don Gammage with OBPD.

The bullet ridden car was later found blocks away.  A wooded area was searched, but there was no sign of the suspect.

"We're following every lead, every telephone call, every tip," says Gammage.

So far, leads have led nowhere as surrounding agencies lend support.

"All of our officers have been on the lookout for any of the people that might have been involved in that incident," says Shelby Co. Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Shular.

An incident Major Don Gammage says marks the first time any Olive Branch police officer has been shot in the line of duty.  Back at the paint store, the hope is that the gunman will soon be found.

"Our store is very, very secondary to that," says Wallis.

He says it will simply be a bonus if he turns out to be the their burglar.

Action News 5 learned that only Officer Stanek was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time of the shooting.  Officer Ayers was not.