New laws taking effect in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - New laws taking effect on or before July
SEIZING PROPERTY: Limits the power of cities and counties to
seize private property. HB3450.

DRUNKEN BOATING: Holds boaters to the same blood alcohol level
restrictions as drivers of vehicles on land. SB3201.

DEAD VOTERS: Requires the names of deceased voters to be purged
from election records every 30 days. SB2866

ABORTION-DNA: Requires doctors performing abortions on girls
younger than 13 years old would to preserve a sample of the fetal
tissue for law enforcement purposes. SB2993.

FELONS RIGHTS: Makes it easier for felons to restore their
voting rights. HB1722.

FUNERAL PROTESTS: Bans protesters to at least 500 feet from a
funeral or memorial service. SB2660.

HALLUCINOGENIC PLANT: Bans the consumption of a hallucinogenic
chemical contained in a rare plant called Salvia divinorum. HB2909.

PRISON DEGREES: Makes prisoners who earn a high school diploma
or other degrees eligible for being released two months early.

PUBLIC BREAST-FEEDING: Prohibits towns from restricting a mother
from breast-feeding a child younger than 1 year old. HB3582.

RADAR DETECTORS: Forbids manufacturers of radar detectors from
offering to reimburse consumers for speeding tickets. HB3643.

RADAR JAMMING: Bans radar-jamming devices that interfere with a
law enforcement speed detection. HB3678.

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION: Allows horse breeders and others to
artificially inseminate livestock without hiring a veterinarians.
The bill has been signed by the governor. HB3342.

ASSIGNATION: Replaces the word "assignation" - an archaic term
for a tryst or rendezvous - with "prostitution" in legal
definition of a public nuisance. SB4033.

BROADBAND OVERSIGHT: Exempts broadband service from state
regulation. HB3635.

CATTLE TAGS: Makes information stored on electronic tags used to
track livestock exempt from public records laws. HB3982.

DNA PROCESSORS: Creating six new state positions to process DNA
evidence. SB2651.

EMERGENCY WORKERS: Special protections from lawsuits for medical
workers during emergencies. HB2526.

FLAG SALUTE: Adopts two four-line salutes to the flag of
Tennessee. HB2874

HONORARIUM PROHIBITION: Prohibits members of governor's cabinet
from receiving any type of honorarium. HB2694.

INFLUENZA QUARANTINE: Allows the state to declare an emergency
and establish a quarantine to prevent the spread of epidemic
diseases. HB3707.

KING MEMORIAL: Names an interstate highway running from the
Mississippi border toward Memphis after Coretta Scott King. SB2716.

MINING ENFORCEMENT: Gives state officials the power to shut down
polluting surface coal mines. HB3992.

OLD MATTRESSES: Prohibits retail sales of secondhand mattresses
tagged as new. HB2355.

PESTICIDE REGISTRY: Requires state Department of Agriculture to
maintain a registry of people or businesses sensitive to
pesticides. SB3613.

PESTICIDE SPRAY: Increases fines for violations of laws
regulating aerial pesticide spraying. HB3677.

POET LAUREATE: Names Nashville songwriter Hugh X. Lewis as
Tennessee's poet laureate of Christian country music. SJR0527.

PRIVATE PRISONS: Costs of private prison contracts no longer be
the sole factor in awarding a renewal. SB1283.

RAFFLES: Gives charities more time to apply for state approval
to hold fundraising raffles. SB2452.

RAPE POLYGRAPH: Prohibits law enforcement from requiring rape
victims to take a lie detector test as a condition for going ahead
with an investigation. HB3451.

REGULATING FIREWORKS: Regulates professional fireworks
operators. HB2919.

REINSTATEMENT FEES: Limits driver's license reinstatement to
$400. SB3037.

RIGHT OF WAY: Increases penalty for failure to yield right of
way to emergency vehicles to up to $500. HB2537.

SHAMING DRUNKEN DRIVERS: Provides more funds and flexibility for
sheriffs to administer a law that makes drunken drivers clean up
litter. SB2603.

SUSPENDING FORECLOSURE: Suspends foreclosure of homes or
repossession of vehicles for those on military deployment abroad.

TEST PREPARATION: Grants for at-risk students preparing for
college entrance exams. HB3249.

TOWING KICKBACKS: Bans kickbacks between a towing firm and a
property owner or manager. SB3244.

WINERY RULES: Wineries using at least 50 percent Tennessee
grapes to be able to sell as much of their product as they like on
their premises. HB0876.