Reformed criminal takes positive message to streets

Memphians fed up with recent crime, especially recent shootings where children are victims, are banning together and taking their fight to the streets.

And these aren't your average citizens.

Action News 5's Anna Marie Hartman introduces us to one-man who lived a life of violence--turned it around--and now he's helping others do the same.

Local minister Andre Guy is taking his sanctuary onto the streets of North Memphis.

"If I do my part can I get y'all to do y'alls part?" Guy asked.

Guy and other church members spent Saturday pledging to help young people stay out of trouble by helping them find jobs and the church.

"If we can reach you where you're at and start your life on track it's a whole lot easier to pray," said Guy. "North Memphis can be just as beautiful a community as Germantown or Cordova if we want to make it so."

Guy is a reformed criminal who, as a young man, spent four-years in prison.

"This is the community where I did all my robbing, my drugging and these people on these streets they know me," he said. "They've seen a change in my life and they know something happened to make Andre change his ways."

It's a change Guy hopes will inspire other young men in the community.

Guy founded a church in the middle of the neighborhood where he grew up. It's just a few doors down from where a teenager was killed earlier this week.

A makeshift memorial has steadily grown in the spot where Jermaine Young was shot to death while walking home from work Tuesday.

"So basically I figured out that if I'm going to take time to have a church in this community then I'm going to take the time to go out and love this community," said Guy. "I'm not just doing it just for this Saturday. I'm doing it for every Saturday until we finally see a difference in this community."

Guy considers himself living proof that the good life is a life without crime.