Mother waits for justice after her son's murder

More than half a dozen suspects face charges for the deaths of three Memphis children.

Montrel Gilliam faces first degree murder charges for the death of 11-year-old Martez Henderson. Gilliam was charged four-days after Henderson was shot to death outside his home.

Seventeen-year-old Jermaine Young was fatally shot June 27th. His accused killer was charged two days later.

Five people, including several women, were charged for the death of 13-year-old Melissa Robinson. She was walking through a park less than a week ago when a bullet hit her in the head.

As one Mid-South mother can tell you, these arrests, and the charges filed are just the first steps on a long road to justice.

Beverly Mason lost her son four years ago during a drive by shooting in her neighborhood. Marquette Mason was 9-years-old when he was shot walking home from an anti-violence block party.

Brian Young, who was charged with the crime, is still in jail awaiting trial.

Mason said that sends the wrong messages to criminals.

"I'm thinking that's why we still have all this going on, because we're not getting any messages, not sending any," said Mason.

Mason said the suspect's trial was reset for next week, but she found out recently that it was once again put on hold.