WDIA listeners react to Dee jay death

Jaye Michael Davis spent more than thirty years behind a radio microphone so his colleagues thought what better place to celebrate his life.

One WDIA listener says, "He'd be playing a song and he'd been back there in the background singing. You could hear him singing."

Another loyal listener says, "So many things run through your mind when a big chunk of your life is snatched away from you like that"
Davis, who's real name was Preston Moore, was part of WDIA since the late seventies.
Listeners spent Monday voicing the impact he had on their lives.

"I never realized that the very first day I said hello to you that there would come a day that there would come a day that I would have to say goodbye to you.  You'll live in my heart forever more.   My sympathy goes out to the family. My heart goes out to you and we're definitely going to miss him," continues one listener.  
Davis was killed on his motorcycle Saturday night.
Friends say it was a hobby that meant a lot to him, one he continued to enjoy even after he lost an eye in a non-riding related accident.

WDIA personality bobby O'Jay says, "We were thinking he's gonad give up the motorcycles and all that.  But as soon as he gets out of the hospital, I see him on Germantown road on a motorcycle and I think, 'ok, Jay is back."
Davis celebrated his second wedding anniversary this past weekend.
Many WDIA listeners said while they will remember him, their thoughts now turn toward his wife and her recovery.