Memphis police study homicide rate

Lt. Joe Scott stands at the master board that tracks homicides for the Memphis Police Department.
91 homicides this year so far.

Scott says, "This year has been extremely busy.  Its been the busiest year I can recall."
Its not record pace.  That was 213 in 1993.  Memphis is on pace for 180.
But surprisingly... Memphis' Homicide Rate is more than four times what New York City's was last year.
Last year in New York... One in every 15,079 people were murdered.
In Memphis this year... Its one in every 3,734.
So what are people in Memphis killing each other over?

Scott continues, "This year there just seems to be a lot of neighborhood arguing."
Argument is the number 1 motive this year...  A third of homicides, 30... Started with an argument... One over five dollars... Another between two brothers arguing who was the better parent.

"And just people that for whatever reason cannot resolve conflicts in a civil manner."
The second most common motive is robbery.    18 homicides this year began with a robbery.   Up 25 percent from last year.  Scott says more people are resisting.

Scott says, "And that seems to be a growing trend to resist the robber not give them what they demanded during the course of the robbery."
That is proving deadly.
The average age of victims this year in Memphis is 30.5....  Older than some might think.  Chances are you'll know your killer... 71 percent this year have.
But the way Memphians are dying is no surprise.... by gunfire... 72 of 91 homicides so far were committed with a gun.