Memphians celebrate the 4th of July

At celebrations throughout memphis...Mid-southerners were dancing and grilling up holiday treats.

Memphian Anthony Mitchell says, "We got baked beans, we got corn, we got rib tips..."

Mitchell got his group's holiday fun started by putting up a volleyball net in the park...

Mitchell continues, "I think this symbolizes something to do with the 4th cause this is what people like to do in the summer..."

Others celebrated the 4th with a jog, a bike ride or with several trips to the swings...

Memphian Meka Walton says, "I'm doing this to celebrate my freedom I'm doing this to celebrate the deceased who wasn't about to celebrate and just doing some things that my relatives brought me up doing."

Across town at this 4th of July parade in Central Gardens.

Kids and their pets put on their patriotic outfits for a holiday parade

One child says, "It was fun and I got all hot and sweaty."

"Its celebration time to be together with family and just taking an extra day out to be with family and having fun and doing things with family," continues another child.

Judge Carolyn Wade Blackett with Criminal Court says, "And the 4th of july not only celebrates our independence but it also celebrates what our children have to look forward to."

Judge Blackett was glad to see all of the happy faces at a 4th of July parade.
With 12 years on the criminal court bench she is fed up with the rash of recent shootings and wonders like many others - why communities don't come together more often.

Blackett continues, "We are going to have to pull our families and churches together and try to find away to bring our community back together where there is not crime."

But she says nothing worth having comes easy.