Olive Branch residents raise money for police officer

Olive Branch police officers patrol the streets this Fourth of July with heavy hearts.
Last week... Two officers  Mark Ayers and Doug Stanek were shot in the line of duty during a traffic stop.

While officer Stanek is home recovering, his partner, Officer Ayers remains in the ICU unit at The Med... 
Olive Branch Police say Ayers is paralyzed from the waist down.
Olive Branch residents remain hopeful that condition could change.

No matter what happens citizens of Olive Branch are starting to rally around officer Ayers.

Olive Branch resident Lee Jenkins says, "Mark is like many other law enforcement officers.  We consider them heroes because they put their life on the line everyday."

Jenkins is leading an effort to raise money.

Jenkins continues, "And we just felt we had to step up and do something.  Because this is a community and communities family and when your family's in trouble you gotta step up help your family."
Police say they appreciate the support from the community.

"The community has just been nothing but stand behind us on this and we sure do appreciate them."
With Officers Ayers still in the ICU and facing an uncertain future...  The community he protected is now coming together to protect him.

Jenkins says, "Mark gave something for us... He was giving his life for us... So we wanna give something back to Mark."

If you want to help the Mark Ayers family, donations can be made to the Officer Mark Ayers Relief Fund at any 1st Tennessee Bank location.