Fire Department battles 4th of July blaze - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Fire Department battles 4th of July blaze

Flames and thick thick smoke shot into the fourth of July sky as firefighters fought to get keep the huge fire from spreading to the house next door.

When they arrived the flames were already blazing on the first and second floors. 

The fire chief told Action News Five it was a stubborn fire that kept popping up all over the house...the tar on the roof and wood kept fueling the fires.  Add to that, firefighters did not know if anyone was inside.

Deputy Chief Don Kuhn with the Memphis Fire Department says, "Got some reports that there was someone inside or someone that lives on the second floor."

Fortunately no one was inside.

Patricia Davidson told Action News Five she lives in the house with her boyfriend. She said she went to the store and came back to a huge fire.

Patricia Davidson says, "It was blazing."

Davidson said she was gone only 20 minutes and no one else was home.

Davidson continues, "The house was on fire.  I came back and said call the fire department."

She says the utilities had been turned off because she was moving.

While she watched firefighters used their bronto, a piece of aerial equipment that sends them into the air and closer to the fire.

Some people who live in this neighborhood who didn't want to talk on camera say they heard a lot of fireworks going off before the fire started."

The fire drew a lot of onlookers off for the holiday watching what likely will be their biggest spectacle of the day.

Davidson continues, "Just in the neighborhood...we were taking pictures of the cemetery and came over to see what was going on."

It is a fire that took firefighters an hour to get under control.

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