Senate candidate makes campaign stop in Memphis

There's sure to be a politician wherever people gather.  Former Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker ventured into Harold Ford Junior country this 4th of July.

"I really think the message we've been putting out resonates in this area and we just want to make sure we do everything we can to win west Tennessee in this race," says Corker.

Corker campaigned at Germantown's annual Independence Day celebration, capping off a day of similar stops throughout the state.

While Corker shook hands and kissed babies in Germantown, native mid-southerner Harold Ford Jr. spent the evening atop Signal Mountain in Corker's hometown.  The July 4th event in Chattanooga, just the latest in a string of stops for Ford in middle and east Tennessee.  It's an area he knows he'll have to work to win over.

"The effort we have to put forward in middle and east Tennessee is clearly where the gap has to be closed," says Ford.

At the same time, neither of these politicians say they are taking their hometowns for granted.

"It would be foolish of me to take my home for granted and I can assure you we'll campaign vigorously across Memphis, Shelby County, and west Tennessee," says Ford.

Corker says he'll continue to criss-cross the state as the race for U-S Senate gets even hotter.

While Harold Ford Jr. is considered a shoe-in on the Democratic side, Bob Corker faces strong competition in the Republican Primary for U-S Senate.  Former Congressmen Ed Bryant of Jackson and Van Hilleary of Murfreesboro were on the campaign trail this July 4th as well.