70-year-old man performs watery rescue

POSTED AT 10:03PM JULY 5, 2006

"He's just a hero in my eyes. Always has been," says Bill Armstrong.

The hero is Albert Armstrong.

On his way up I-55 to see his son...Armstrong witnessed a terrible accident.

Armstrong says, "It just sailed off to the right and when it hit, it turned bottomside upwards in the water the tail end sticking up."

Although the 70-year-old had triple bypass surgery, Armstrong went into action...in a matter of moments.

Armstrong continues, "I just waded on out in there and didn't think about it.  I was waiting on help."

Instead, he went right to work...saving the lives of not one, but two people.

"The lady was screaming from the backseat so I run my hand in there and I said grab my hand I'll get you out.  Finally she did and I got her out and she told me there's somebody else is in there. So I run my hands back in there and fished around and I found her and got her out," continues Armstrong.

When Senatobia rescue crews and others arrived on the scene...
Armstrong quietly let them take over.
Something that doesn't surprise his family.

Bill Armstrong says of his father, "You know he left after saving those two people and even trying to get to the third one he just left without giving them his name...he's been that way all of his life."

And if he gets the chance again...Armstrong says he won't think twice...about helping someone in need.

The Senatobia Fire Department submitted the following pictures from the scene after Wednesday's rescue.

The car submerged in water after the rescue.