Possible prostitution ring operating at University Center

They fill it in, but it keeps coming back.  It's a so-called "glory-hole" in a men's bathroom at the University of Memphis. One person stands on one side of the hole, and someone on the other side performs a sex act for money.

"You have to kinda get used to the stuff you might think is strange," said student Rashad Scott.  "College is the home for strange things."

"I thought it was pretty gross and pretty embarrassing for the campus," said student James Jones.

The university newspaper, The Daily Helmsman, uncovered what the paper called a prostitution ring operating out of the University Center's basement-level men's bathroom.  Some students said they were shocked by the report, while others said they've known about it for years.

"There's certain bathrooms that I just will not go into just because I find it repulsive," said student Alan McKinnon

Public Safety Director Bruce Harber said it has been at least a year since anyone has complained to campus police about the bathroom. "It will crop up occasionally and then we'll get involved," he said. "We'll try to increase our patrols around there, and try to do some other things to close it off to make it not so secluded or isolated."

Harber said the problem may take care of itself when the bathroom gets torn down for renovations, along with the rest of the University Center. For a quicker fix, police are thinking about removing the bathroom door, to make it less comfortable for anyone trying to turn a quick buck in one of the stalls.