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Action News Five welcomes its newest addition

There's a new edition to the Action News 5 Family: Live Viper Five!

Action News Five Chief Weathercaster Dave Brown says, "Live viper 5 is a vast upgrade to our radar system that we've had at TV 5 for many years."
Live Viper 5 is the hottest and best radar on the market.
It's all about keeping you safe during Mid-South storms.

Brown continues, "It helps viewers at home visualize exactly where a storm is, it helps us tell the viewer at home how severe a storm really is."

Action News Five Weatherman John Bryant says, "This technology is amazing in that it now gives us the ability to see twisting winds up high in the atmosphere that basically let us know if a tornado would be coming to the ground."

Dave Brown continues, "We can look right into the heart of a storm and we do many times, we do that with various tilting and various tools and various queries we can query the radar and ask it various things. How big is this hail and where are the winds blowing and what direction is it blowing? All these things we can do in Live Viper 5."

And, it's not just weather in the Mid-South that Live Viper 5 can give you the best look at!

"On a day when, on a day when nothing is going on in the Midsouth and its pouring down rain in the east coast, as it has been, or anywhere else or a hurricane or a potential hurricane, we can zoom right to that and we can show you what's going on," continues Brown.
So not only is Live Viper 5 the newest member of the Action News 5 Family..when severe weather approaches...

Brown continues, "Well we say on TV there's no other radar like it, and I say that I wouldn't say that unless I 100 percent agreed with it - there's no other radar like it."

It could be YOUR best friend.

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