Selmer residents react to Winkler bond

Cindy Hawkins of Selmer spent part of her Friday in the park, reading a People magazine article about the preacher's wife accused of his murder.

"That's Mary Winkler, she looks pretty cold right there to me, don't she to you?" Hawkins asks while looking at the magazine.

A McNairy County judge set Winkler's bond while Hawkins flipped through page after page recounting the brutal shotgun shooting that ended Mathew Winkler's life.

"To give bond was a strange decision--she has fled once," says Hawkins.

However, getting bond and getting out out of jail are two different things.  Winkler's bond is a hefty $750, 000.  Defense attorney Steve Farese says raising even ten percent of that will be a challenge.  Winkler simply doesn't have the money.

"I had a figure in my mind, but I'm not the judge," says Farese.  "And the judge uses his reasoning and criteria--I can't second guess him," he adds.

Some in the city of Selmer, which has been thrust into the national spotlight because of this case, feel the preacher's wife deserves compassion.

"I don't try to bring no judgment on nobody--but I think she should have a fair shake," says Thomas Nichols.

"Well, the babies need her--I don't care what she's done--she's mama," says Laura Boechl.

For now, Mary Winkler will remain behind bars while her defense team considers it's next move.

Steve Farese tells Action News 5 he has discussed bond with Mary Winkler's father.  If coming up with the cash proves impossible, they will pursue an appeal as soon as next week.