Crowded ballot could cause confusion

Shelby County is rolling out 1,500 new voting machines. They've been touted as more accurate and more secure than anything the county has used before.

Election commissioners say the machines are no cause for worry, but the ballot may be.

With more than 300 candidates running for more than 140 offices, it's the largest election in Shelby County history.

And that could cause confusion.

"The problem that poses for the voter is to be knowledgable on the offices that apply to their address, so that they can make informed votes," said Election Commissioner Richard Holden

Election officials suggest showing up prepared on election day - decide who gets your vote before you get in the booth.

"You have 142 offices possible that you can vote on and there's 314 candidates," said Holden.

The election commission is expecting voters to have a few questions as they tackle the longest ballot in Shelby County History.

But luckily, the election commission allows you to bring a cheat sheet, you can research the races, mark who you're voting for on a sample ballot and bring it to the polls on election day.

Some voters are encouraged by a busy ballot despite the scandal ridden political climate on both the local and state level.

"It's got to be the work of a genius I can tell you that...but I'm sure that all the officials that are running are worthy," said Shelby County voter Lawrence Lawrence while looking at a crowded sample ballot.

Once you reach your polling place, a ballot will be customized for you, so you'll only have to choose offices that apply to your address.

Early voting begins this coming Thursday, July 14, and primary election day is August 3.